5 reasons why to stay in aparthotels

You can feel at home away from home in the apartment hotel. Created with every guest in mind who wants to enjoy the atmosphere, but without losing the usual comfort offered by other types of hotels.

Apartment hotels give you the opportunity to plan your own time. Get to know the city life, go on excursions, take a walk early or late and return to the apartment hotel at a time convenient for you. Come and go whenever you want!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the feeling that everything is clean and tidy in their free time – the dishes are washed, the bed is made, and you don’t have to clean the house yourself! Compared to other hotels, the area of apartment hotels is significantly larger.

The time spent in an apartment hotel does not create a cramped feeling. When visiting someone, we expect to be greeted with a smile and welcoming emotions, so the most important thing in an apartment hotel is the person and their needs. Guests appreciate the recommendations, offers and support provided by the apartment hotel staff, which can be useful during their travels.